Your Majesty

"Your Majesty【皇后陛下】"是一個為了透過極致糖花工藝傳遞愛與幸福而誕生的品牌,共同打造Your Majesty的創意總監Jolin與技術總監Peggy她們相信:「在人生某個重要時刻,你可以用一個蛋糕帶給別人快樂。」

Cake Play

一手打造幸福蛋糕王國 主張用幸福創作幸福 讓每個人看到幸福 感覺到幸福 嚐的到幸福

September Café

September is a café that inspires a high quality but relaxed way of life. We pride ourselves on the quality of the smallest ingredients, value the intensity of the ever-changing food culture, and have a beautiful reason for the simplest decision we make. Like a poem, our products contain our emotions, experiences, and memories. September will keep growing with our wondrous imagination.